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Top 20 Products List

Oct 20, 2017
Product Code Product Description Binomial Plant Name Common name Part Used Production Solvent / Method Form Compounds Found in the Plant Material Descriptive Analysis Common Applications
CH/01 Chamomile Strong Infusion Matricaria Chamomilla Roman Chamomile Flowers 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Bisabolol, Chamazulene. Delicate, floral and fragrant. Taste is honey-like sweet. Flavoured waters and soft drinks, boiled sweets.
LE/18 Lemongrass Strong Infusion Cymbopogon Citratus Lemongrass Leaves 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Citral, Myrcene, Citronellol. A sweet herbal and citrus flavour with a slight herbal aftertaste. Cordials, Presse, Carbonated soft drinks.
OR/26 Orange Peel Strong Infusion Citrus Aurantium Orange Peel Skin of Fruit 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion D-Limonene, Pinene Very fragrant remeniscent aroma and taste of oranges with a bitter aftertaste. Alcoholic beverages, flavoured waters, fruit beverages.
MI/03 Fresh Mint Strong Infusion Mentha Spicata Garden Mint Leaves 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Menthol, Menthone and Menthyl Acetate. Fresh herbal taste and minty aftertaste that is not overpowering. Fruit juices, tea beverages, flavoured waters and carbonated soft drinks.
GI/10 GI/11 Ginger Strong Infusion Zingiber Officinale Ginger Root Root 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Zingerone, Shoagols and Gingerols. Hot, spicy and characteristic of ginger root. Spicy aftertaste lingers in the mouth. Cordials, Presse, Carbonated soft drinks, juice beverages, energy drinks.
HI/03 Hibiscus Soft Extract Hibiscus Sabdariffa Hibiscus Flower Flowers Ethanol** Soft Extract Anthocyanins, Tanins, Flavonoids Fruity and floral taste, similar to blackcurrant. Cordials, Presse, soft drinks and juice beverages.
EL/10 Elderberry Strong Infusion Sambucus Nigra Elderberry Fruit 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Anthocyanins Sweet berry taste, fruity and slightly sweet fragrance. Cordials, Presse, Carbonated soft drinks, Ales, Wine, Beer.
GU/01 Guarana Strong Infusion Paullinia Cuparia Guarana Seeds 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Caffeine, Triterpenoids An earthy bitter taste with woody notes. Energy drinks, juice beverages and carbonated soft drinks.
GI/36 Korean Ginseng Strong Infusion Panax Ginseng Korean Ginseng Roots 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Ginsenosides A woody bitter taste with a sweet dry aftertaste. Flavoured waters ,Carbonated soft drinks.
EXP666 Orange Blossom Strong Infusion Citrus Aurantium Orange Blossom Flowers 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Nerol Oil – Neroli Very fragrant aroma, reminiscent of orange and sweet-like floral notes. Carbonated soft drinks, Flavoured waters and Cordials.
PA/25 Passion Flower Strong Infusion Passiflora Incarnata Passion Flower Flowers 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Alkaloids, Coumarins and Phytosterols. A herbal flavour with green taste and slightly dry aftertaste. Flavoured waters and juice drinks
TE/15 Green Tea Strong Infusion Camellia Sinensis Green Tea Leaves 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Polyphenols, Caffeine, Catechins: EGCG and others. A green herbal flavour with astringent tea aftertaste and slight bitter notes. Flavoured waters, Carbonated soft drinks, Juice beverages, Cordials.
GI/38 Ginkgo Biloba Strong Infusion Ginkgo Biloba Ginkgo Leaves 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Terpenoids, e.g. Ginkgolide. Flavonoids, Proanthocyanins A dry herbal taste with a characteristic woody fragrance. Flavoured waters, CSD, Juice beverages.
WO/05 Wolfberry Strong Infusion Lycium Chinensis Wolfberry / Goji Berry Fruit 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Polysaccharides A fruity taste with sweet aftertaste that is reminiscent of berries. Juice beverages, Brewery – Beer, Wine, Ale, Cider. Flavoured waters
EXP608 Yerba Mate Strong Infusion Ilex Paraguarien Sis Mate Leaves and Stalks 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Xanthines: e.g. Caffeine. A herbal taste with great tasting woody notes. Astringency is tea-like and slight green-tea bitterness. Flavoured waters, Herbal drinks.
EXP709 EXP710 Rooibos Strong Infusion Aspalathus Linearis Red / Green Rooibos Leaves and Stalks 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Antioxidants e.g. Aspalathin and Phenolic compounds. Astringent and tea-like taste with a sweet floral note, slight bitterness of tea. Tea beverages, Flavoured waters.
EXP249 Jasmine flowers Strong Infusion Jasminum spp. Jasmine Flowers Flowers 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Methyl Anthranilate, Indole, Benzyl Alcohol, Linalool, and Skatole. Very fragrant floral aroma with a delicate sweet and floral taste. Flavoured waters and Carbonated soft drinks.
EXP377 Juniper berries Strong Infusion Juniperus Communis Juniper Fruit 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion Pinene Taste is characteristic of juniper berries, gin-like in taste and very fragrant. Flavoured waters and Cordials.
BA/10 Basil Strong Infusion Ocimum Basilicum Basil Leaves 20% Ethanol Strong Infusion D-linalool, Methyl Clavicol Green / grassy herbal taste, with slightly bitter taste of basil leaves. Flavoured waters and carbonated soft drinks.
EL/01 Elderflower Strong Infusion Sambucus Nigra Elderflower Flowers Water Strong Infusion Rose Oxides, Hotrierol, Linalool, Terpienol, Non-oxidized Monoterpenes, Aliphatic Aldehydes. Characteristic flavour of elderflower, sweet delicate floral notes on aroma. Taste is very floral and distinctive. Cordials, presse, beverages and much more!

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