Oct 20, 2017

Capsicum related extracts have historically been used in traditional medicinal systems worldwide, and are extensively used in food and beverage applications. Capsicum extracts are currently used for a range of therapeutic indications, including the relief of muscular and arthritic related pain, as a rebefacient and counterirritant. Typically, they are used in medicinal creams or patches to treat muscular and arthritic related pain, or at low levels in cough, cold and throat preparations for pungency.

Capsicum extracts are incorporated as active ingredients or excipients in products for both the pharmaceutical and personal care sectors. The group of compounds which are responsible for the therapeutic effects of Capsicum are the capsaicinoids, which deliver characteristic warmth and pungency.
Capsaicinoids profile for Capsicum Oleoresin

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There are six main capsaicinoids identified in current pharmacopeial monographs: capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin, nordihydrocapsaicin, decanylvanillinamide, homocapsaicin and nonivamide. Synthetically derived nonivamide has historically been added to Capsicum extracts as a means of increasing the declared content of capsaicinoids, and hence the content of nonivamide is controlled in all extract specifications.
Ransom Naturals Ltd produce a wide range of capsicum extracts to meet British, European and United States pharmacopeial monographs, in addition to those formulated to meet customer specific requirements.
Ransom Naturals Ltd is one of a small number of European manufacturers of Capsicum extracts producing to cGMP requirements. Capsicum raw material meeting GACP growing requirements is sourced from an approved supply chain, and processed in our cGMP facility in the UK.

  • * European manufacturer of Capsicum extracts, oleoresins and tinctures
  • * Producing extracts meeting pharmacopeial monographs or customer specific requirements
  • * In depth finished formulation knowledge across health, personal care and food sectors
  • * Regulatory support up to and including licence submission

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