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The medicinal properties of plants can be attributed to their unique phytochemistry or pool of secondary metabolism. These secondary metabolites or natural compounds are low weight molecular compounds which have ecological functions and include Polyphenols, Flavonoid Pigments, Essential Oils and Alkaloids to name but a few. Many of these compounds and the plant extracts containing them provide a rich source of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Over 50% of all drugs utilised by man can be traced to natural product research and the potential of herbal preparations in the production of APIs in the modern world remains significant. Through a robust and compliant supply chain we still source appropriate raw materials worldwide, blending traditional knowledge with operational and scientific expertise to successfully deliver your project.

Ransom Naturals Ltd have a highly dedicated team who possess a breadth of capabilities. Investigation, through development phase, validation, stability, scaling up and commercial manufacture, all strongly endorse our credentials as a leading providers of natural extracts to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. We are more than capable of producing APSs to the exacting standards of the European Pharmacopoeia in our GMP accredited facility.

Like most companies we operate to standard product lists. However, we particularly enjoy and strongly believe that one of our greatest strengths is working with our customers on natural product projects to suit their specific requirements. For example, we have delivered bespoke products such as Pine Sprout Extract, Benzoin and Gentian Tinctures and Food Grade Guarana Infusions to meet the needs of particular applications and finished forms.

Pharmaceutical Product List

  • Capsicum

  • Cocillana

  • Rhubarb

  • Senega

  • Squill

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