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New Ginger Extract Development – Feeling the Heat?

Aug 22, 2014

Ginger is often considered a traditional flavour, but 2014 has seen it gain more popularity. Not only new beverages are being launched using this deliciously aromatic and spicy hot root, but also the food segment, as Thai, Fiji and other fusion cuisine breaks culinary boundaries.

2014 Trends estimate that that Ginger’s popularity will stay up and continue increasing, until it becomes one of the Top 3 Natural flavours used in the food and beverage categories. We’re always jumping at the opportunity to develop a Natural Extract that has the ‘just right’ strength, depth of flavour, bold character and that perfect ‘sensation’. A recently developed Natural Ginger Extract here at Ransom Naturals, ticks all these boxes! It is best described with a spicy and characteristically ginger aroma, that hot prickling ginger taste and hot sensation as an aftertaste.

This has been attained by thinking outside the box of our standard procedure, nursing the ginger root during its extraction process to ensure that the finished product tastes just right for beverage formulation.

Sourcing the right ingredient is very important to us. This is why we have added Jamaican Ginger to our extract range. This spicy hot ginger extract delivers, like the Caribbean sun!

Contact us to know more about our Standard Ginger Strong Infusion, our Ginger Special Extract and our Jamaican Ginger Strong Infusion.

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