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Natural is now Mainstream

Jul 01, 2016

Age-old processes, such as maceration, are being given a new lease of life. They are natural and easier to understand than modern processes, which are perceived as artificial.

We must always consider that in order to achieve consumer acceptance for a new process, education that purports the benefit will be key, otherwise potential consumer misunderstandings may take place.

We have seen evidence in the beverage sector where marketing around the traditional and artisanal nature for processing has consumer appeal. Thus a renaissance is occurring in drinks that use food ingredients obtained through traditional extraction methods.

Ransom Naturals has been extracting botanicals for over a century and to this day we use the same traditional methods but aided by modern quality control systems. All of our extracts are macerated in a liquid for a determined amount of time until the balance of flavours and chemistry equilibrium is just right. These then undergo a rigorous quality control system to ensure we get it right every time.

Food processes that have been around for centuries or even millennia are in the spotlight, as they bring with them a natural and authentic image that counteracts some of the negative perceptions that come about with heavily processed food.

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