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Floral Elderflower Extracts Make Summer Even Sweeter

Jun 25, 2018

We are rightly regarded as the leader in Elderflower related extracts many of which are applied to beverages that are consumed all over the world.

The crop elderflower petals we need each year are hand-picked during the season, which in the UK generally runs from May through June. We aim to pick and lovingly process more than 25,000 kg of elderflowers each year and trust us that’s a lot!!

The absolute key to producing the highest quality fresh flower extract lies in our ability to process each and every petal within 72 hours of picking. It’s not easy but after years of experience we believe no one does it better.

And that’s why our Elderflower extracts are renowned for their wonderful floral notes, either fresh flower alone or balanced together with a dry flower infusion – close your eyes and you’d almost imagine you were by an Elder hedgerow on a fine summer’s day.

And of course as you would expect we take extra care during harvest to ensure that each Elder tree remains in perfect condition to grow and thrive for seasons to come.

Just phone, mail or post a website enquiry to learn more or request a sample.

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