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Find out more about Capsicum

Oct 22, 2017

Capsicum, of the Solanaceae family, is know to have been cultivated in Central and South America more than 6000 years ago. It was first introduced to Europe in the 13th century originally as a substitute for costly black peppercorn. Today Capsicum is widely used as an API or excipient in both pharmaceutical and personal care sectors as well as in food and beverage applications.

The group of compounds which are responsible for the therapeutic effects of Capsicum are capsaicinoids, which deliver its characteristic warmth and pungency. However, in some cases synthetically derived nonivamide material, an inexpensive alternative to naturally occurring capsaicinoids, is added to Capsicum extracts as a low cost means of increasing the analysed level of capsaicinoids. At higher than permitted levels this addition of nonivamide is non compliant.

Typically Capsicum is used in medicinal creams or patches to treat muscular and arthritic related pain. Ransom Naturals Ltd produce a wide range of Capsicum based extracts to meet the British, European and United States pharmacopeial monographs as well as those standardised for customer specific requirements.

We are one of only a very few European manufacturers of Capsicum related extracts. As regulation continues to tighten we remain ever more focused on maintaining a robust and compliant supply chain. As a result we use only pharmacopeial grade raw material ensuring that the nonivamide content derived from this is always well below the permitted level of not more than 5.0 per cent of the total capsaicinoids content.

  • Significant European manufacturer of Capsicum related extracts, oleoresins and tinctures.
  • Targeting a variety of pharmacopeia or meeting in house customer specifications
  • Regulatory support available for licencing applications
  • RNL can work with partners to develop mutual recognition for capsicum related extracts
  • In depth finished formulation knowledge across health, personal care and food sectors.


Capsicum related presentation June 30th 2016

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