Ransom Naturals Provides The Best Botanical Extracts For Your Food & Beverage Products 

Food and beverage manufacturers across the world rely on Ransom Naturals to provide the highest-quality botanical extracts to give their products distinctive flavour as well as health and vitality benefits.

We develop and manufacture botanical extracts from a wide range of plant materials. Our extracts are available in liquid or more concentrated semi viscous forms. They are perfect for a range of food and drink applications, including juice, waters, carbonated soft drinks, cordials and smoothies. Ransom Naturals is also BRCGC accredited.


Functional Extract Blends & Bespoke Flavours

Our Genus Extract™ range are blends of botanical extracts which target particular health benefits – relaxation, improved cognitive response, and cardiovascular and digestive health.

We produce these unique blends in a single, multi-component extraction. This improves cycle times and simplifies your production of finished formulations.

We use the highest-quality natural raw materials in our health benefit-focused blends. For example:

‣ Digestive health: capsicum, cinnamon, fennel, ginger)

‣ Cardiovascular health: green tea, elderberry, rosemary, hibiscus

‣ Mental stimulation: ginkgo, guarana, schizandra, rhodiola


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About Ransom Naturals

Ransom Naturals is a leading UK-based developer and manufacturer of botanical extracts for the pharmaceutical & health and food & beverage sectors.

Ransom Naturals has held Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) accreditation for well over a decade, and was one of the first UK-based pharmaceutical companies manufacturing herbal extracts as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to receive this quality standard.


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