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Arnica – background, uses and forms

Aug 09, 2021

We’re right in the middle of Arnica’s growing season and with the market growing quickly for Arnica based products, now would be a great time to explore your options.

What is Arnica?

Arnica is a herb that comes from the Arnica Montana perennial, which predominantly grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia, but can also be found in America. Often referred to as the “mountain daisy”, the flower has bright, yellow daisy-like flowers that appear throughout July and August. Other common names include Wolf’s Bane, Leopard’s Bane and Mountain Tobacco, and Wolf’s Bane and the active ingredient is made from the whole flowering plant.

What is Arnica used for?

Arnica usage dates back to folk medicine of the 16th century to ease pain, which is still one of its main uses to this day. Great for muscle soreness, aches, sprains, joint pain and swelling, Arnica causes an anti-inflammatory effect that supports tissue repair. It is also proven to reduce swelling and discolouration from bruises.

What forms are available?

At Ransom Naturals Ltd, we produce an Arnica tincture that can be used in the production of gels, creams, ointments, patches, drops, oral care and more. We also produce a soft extract which is made from the Mexicana variety of Arnica.

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