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Plant of the Month: June 2014 Ipecac


Ransom Naturals Ltd produces two main herbal drug preparations containing Ipecacuanha root. These are IP/06 – Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract BP and IP/19 – Ipecacuanha Tincture BP 1999. Both these products are respectively standardised to contain about 8.0% and 2.0% total alkaloids expressed as emetine. Cephaelis ipecacuanha more commonly known as Ipecacuanha, Ipecac, Rio, Matto Grosso or Brazilian Ipecac is a plant native to tropical South and Central America. The plant is a member of the Rubiaceae family and has a slender stem which grows partly underground and is often procumbent at the base, the lower portion being knotted. It tends to favour a moist shady wooded habitat where it can be found growing in clumps.

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